T-Time: Our Guest - Urs Andreas Bleisch, VRP and CEO Funk Insurance Brokers

Let's talk about the hidden potential of your business...

Apr 20, 2023


Urs Andreas Bleisch


Bastian Schneider

Managing Director

Steen Lykke Rasmussen

Executive Consultant


There are concrete signals that your company has hidden potential. That customer relevance, productivity, employee engagement and ultimately financial results could be better than they currently are. What would it mean for the next generation of your business if you could better identify and unlock this hidden potential today?

In our monthly "T-TIME" with Steen Lykke Rasmussen and Bastian Schneider, we talk about it. Always one hour from 17-18:00. On Zoom. And in a small circle of medium-sized entrepreneurs and CEOs.

You can register for the next appointment as well as for the whole series of talks.

Next date in 2023

20. April 2023

Our Guest: Urs Andreas Bleisch, VRP and CEO Funk Insurance Brokers


The T-Time Talks are just the right thing for entrepreneurs, members of the management team and people in positions of responsibility with complex challenges in the areas of strategy development, transformation and business development.