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Hidden potentials diagnosis


In a 2-day workshop, we analyze the business and organization holistically for hidden improvement potential and develop a common view of the status quo of the company and the relevant focus areas for future development.


  • Answering the questions: "Where is our potential? Where specifically can we develop our company further?"
  • Analyze the organization and business holistically and systematically and make the hidden potentials transparent
  • Find tangible approaches for growth, modernization and improvement
  • To include all perspectives and to promote a common view of the status quo of the company and the measures to be taken
  • Create the will to shape and the "sense of urgency" among the participants

Time required

  • 2 day workshop with Management Team and key employees with up to 30 participants (the Hidden Potentials Diagnosis can be conducted at the level of the company and at the level of individual divisions or even departments)
  • If necessary, supplementary interviews with selected stakeholders
  • Project management


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