What's next? Interview with Bastian and Steen


Hello Bastian! Hello Steen! Congratulations on the launch of FOCUSNEXT! You guys have been pretty busy lately. What exactly is it all about?

BASTIAN: FOCUSNEXT is the Brand Leadership Circle initiative that is all about shaping the next generation of our clients' business. Together, we work holistically to realize this goal. From the mobilizing initial spark to successful implementation. Step by step, we develop an inspiring vision of tomorrow's business. Bring employees and resources together and behind the future issues and ensure progress.

STEEN: Our special approach is: We think "from successful implementation" right from the start. Because that is where the biggest challenge lies. In addition to focusing on the drivers of future value creation we therefore always create the organizational conditions to be able to implement demanding changes as a powerful team.

Why is this important to our customers?

BASTIAN: We see three main reasons. First, some of our customers are currently working energetically on the next generation of their business - which is often also linked to a generational change in management. We have been supporting them in this process for years in some cases and have learned how challenging it is to implement concrete changes alongside an already busy day-to-day business. Secondly, the digital transformation, the corona pandemic and the changing political climate are creating movement in the market. Opportunities are emerging that companies can take advantage of - if they adapt their business model and create new offerings. With FOCUSNEXT, we offer medium-sized companies pragmatic solutions for moving forward.

And what is the third reason?

STEEN: From our perspective, we are now on the doorstep of a next generation of business. A generation in which companies will question and rethink themselves from the ground up. Sustainability, sense-making, human leadership culture, agile collaboration across divisions and companies are some of the key concepts here. These topics are complex. They cannot simply be worked through in isolated individual measures. They have to be addressed holistically.

BASTIAN: We believe that in the next few years many companies will carry out more comprehensive "internal updates" - and with FOCUSNEXT we will actively support them in this.

How can you imagine this? What effect do you have on your customers?

BASTIAN: For our customers, we strengthen the two essential success factors that will enable them to shape the next generation of their business: The shared focus on the market and the customers - and the productive energy of their employees for new ways and achievements. From the very first meeting, we create an open atmosphere in which entrenched mindsets can be challenged, all perspectives can be appreciated, and the hidden potential of the business can be unlocked. We systematically support our clients in becoming aware of their uniqueness, in setting courageous goals for the future and in developing new appeal with their customers through new services.

What is special about this? Why should a company work with FOCUSNEXT?

STEEN: In order to effectively bring about the alignment, integration and movement from the inside to the outside described by Bastian for our clients, we have brought together our complementary competencies in the areas of strategy, marketing and organizational development over the past 12 months to create a holistic solution approach. This enables our clients to move from the often resinous level of fighting symptoms to the deeper causal level and to realize sustainable generation steps.

We always think in generations. Concrete solutions such as the "Potential Diagnosis", the "Inspiring Future Picture" or the "NextGen Fitness Training" can be combined into a customized Next Generation Program depending on the task at hand. In this way, we can meet the individual requirements of our customers and at the same time offer them the efficiency and certainty of results of proven solutions. Both are very important to us. However, we can best explain this in detail in a personal conversation over a good coffee.

What's next for you? What's next for FOCUSNEXT?

BASTIAN: Step by step, we will expand our competencies, our team and our solutions. We will do this hand in hand with the evolving requirements of our customers - just as we have always done here at the BLC. In the future, we will increasingly incorporate digital tools from selected software partners. Digital and physical events for NextGen experience sharing are also planned. The BLC, with its lively network of relationships, its diverse competencies and creative impulses, offers us good framework conditions to dynamically develop FOCUSNEXT from generation to generation.

Dear Bastian, dear Steen, thank you very much for the interview!

The interview was conducted by Christine Schneider.

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