Top Management Seminar

All different!? Next Generation Business Development

Paradigm shifts in management. Many things have changed fundamentally. In this time of change, what really matters if we want to lead our companies effectively and efficiently into the next generation? Our top management seminar is all about answering this question.

September 2023, 06. - 08.

Full days / Brand Leadership Building, Sennweidstrasse 35, 6312 Steinhausen

Steen Lykke Rasmussen

Executive Consultant

Bastian Schneider

Managing Director


Within three days we work out the new paradigms of holistic corporate development. We show what remains and what changes. How we move from the resinous level of fighting symptoms to the productive level of working on causes in order to successfully shape change. How we can tap our potential in leadership, management, strategy development, market development and the organization of our companies - and realize sustainable development steps for our business. We share proven knowledge from practice for practice. In a confidential circle of maximum 12 participants.

As a participant you will take with you:

  • How to update your understanding of leadership in five paradigm shifts
  • How to mobilize the potential of your employees in a positive way as a modern leader
  • How to develop your management into a powerful team that can overcome any obstacle
  • How to make the hidden potential of your company visible and develop and implement a visionary strategy
  • How to create differentiating performance innovations with self-determination and customer-centricity
  • How to align the organizational building blocks of strategy, structure, and culture with your company's meaning and purpose
  • What demands the "Next Generation Business" project will place on you personally as a responsible manager


Day 1 | Morning

Paradigm shift 1 "The NextGen Leadership Role"

Does the classic understanding of leadership get in the way of employee engagement? | We humans have evolved - has leadership thinking done the same? | What characterizes the modern employee and what form of leadership is in demand today? | Getting to know the leadership role from an energetic perspective | How do we mobilize the hidden potential of employees? | The integrative leadership role and the importance of respect and trust

Day 1 | Afternoon

Paradigm shift 2 "The NextGen Management Team"

Does the classical understanding of management stand in the way of effective management? | Mismanagement vs. Management: How can you tell the difference? | Management styles: What forms and roles are there? | Which manager type am I? What does this mean for my personal development? | Practical example


Casual dinner

In Zug

Day 2 | Morning

Paradigm shift 3 "NextGen strategy development"

Does classic strategic planning get in the way of the agile enterprise? | How do I identify the potential of my company? | Vision: How do I develop a compelling image of the future? | Identity: How do I ensure self-determination and connectivity? | Digital reinforcement: Which tools help? | Practical example

Day 2 | Afternoon

Paradigm shift 4 "NextGen market development"

Does classic marketing thinking get in the way of brand building? | How do I ensure maximum appeal in the market? How do I integrate the perspective of my customers? | Digital amplification: Which tools help in market development? | Practical example


Apéro, festive dîner and drinks

In Zug

Day 3 | Morning

Paradigm shift 5 "Die NextGen Organization"

Does the classic organizational form get in the way of the agile enterprise? | Strategy, structure, culture: How do I orchestrate the organizational building blocks? | How do I set up the mobilization structure parallel to the operational line organization? | Ecosystem: How do I clarify my role and form learning partnerships? | Digital amplification: Which tools help with implementation? | How do I use the lessons learned in my company?


Conclusion & Apéro riche


The top management seminar "Next Generation Business Development" is exclusively for medium-sized entrepreneurs, businesswomen and members of the executive board who are either currently working at full speed on the next generation of their business (and want to reflect on and further develop their current approach) or intend to do so in the foreseeable future (and want to prepare for this in the best possible way).

CHF 4.500,- (for all 3 days, including meals, excluding accommodation)

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